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Cats, dogs and art magazines

Drawing experimental animals, trying to make me not to think too much on how they really look. More scaling down to the significant signs. Then it's getting to be almost a mix of different animals.

But still I'm a bit careful and holding back some things. Working on that, to be more free in the hand and mind, and for the moment it's very satisfying!

I've decided not to show everything I'm working on, because I developing characters and things for a book this year. So I have to be a bit secret about certain stuff, and I enjoy that!

The idea of illustrating a book is such a long time dream for me. In the late 90's I educated me to become a pre-school teacher for kids in 0 - 6 years old. We had tale telling, story reading and children's books as courses (amongst a huge amount of other courses) and it was so many interesting and important subjects during those three years.

It was also the 90's so things were different, more analog and things took time. It was natural to sit down and read piles of books, analyse and discuss, some times for days within one subject. Today I don't have the same focus for that.

Perhaps it has nothing to do with different decades, but today I'm much more likely to seek outwards (read The Net). And that's good - to share education and knowledge and inspiration, focusing on the good and inspirational stuff and research.

Today you can get your eyes on a n y t h i n g with in seconds, and that's mostly nice, but really a bit overwhelming too. Back then you were so happy to get a rare art magazine in the head capitol once a year you were lucky for months and saved it for years. If you could effort to buy it!

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