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Working with pencils

So when it's fun - keep doing. When it's less fun - keep doing but in a more slow way. I think it will be a lot of posts on easy going sketches and drawings for a while!

It's many good things happening this year, commissions but also getting a small garden. I've been lucky to have had gardens in my life, but always r e a l l y big ones with just endless amount of grass and wild nature. Also my kids were young then and my time couldn't split on too many things.

But now we're going to make a small garden from scratch and it's a dream come true! And on top of that, next to my brother and his sweet family - Total joy!

The thing is to not get too exited at once, at my age it's not a big concern though; excitement comes in small portions. But I may have bought some seeds already.. Beautiful poppy seeds and a hollyhock in salmon pink. I'm the worst in bringing up seeds to plants, but I got to try! Mostly I'm exited to be close to family and to make small paths and rooms in the garden. The flowers will be a sweet bonus.

And listening to the wonderful Sara Bäckmo and her experimental and great gardening tips and tricks. Love everything about her! So I'm up for using our 'own organic material' in the soil to build a thriving microorganism-world for the plants. Starting with flowers and hoping to expand during the next years with vegetables.

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